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Posted by | Mar 02, 2022 |

Integration And Legality

The members of the Inner Wheel Club of Palermo Centre in cooperation with other service clubs and associations in Palermo, to promote the values of legality, active citizenship and social inclusion at the Lambruschini School in Palermo, have set up a school canteen, mini-basketball courses, language laboratories, laboratories for the recovery of logical-mathematical skills through the game of chess.

Furthermore, the members of the Inner Wheel Club are the promoters of the "suspended basket", a project that will help children of families in a situation of economic hardship to realize their sports dream. The program includes the placement of new baskets, the restoration and embellishment of the flower gardens, the creation of murals; it will be completed by the “fair-play party” at the end of the year.

Giovanna Grippi Gianquinto