Projects from India - February 2022 (4)

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 12, 2022 |

DC’s Official Visit to IWC Jalna Horizon (District 313)

Inner Wheel Club of Jalna Horizon (District 313)

District Chairman: Santosh Singh

President: Netra Bhakkad

Date: 28 January 2022

On the occasion of the District Chairman’s official visit to the Inner Wheel Club of Jalna Horizon, several projects were carried out in the presence of District Chairman Santosh Singh.

Donation of a Vegetable Vendor’s Cart

Three hand barrows (hathgadi) were donated to needy vegetable vendors. It is common to find these vendors carrying weight on their head resulting in physical problems. Each card was painted pink as Pink First is theme and the Club name was inscribed. This benefitted 3 families of 5 members each.

Opportunity to start a tailoring business

Free 3 months’ stitching classes were given to 13 underprivileged girls and women. In last 2 months all 13 are learning very sincerely. We donated 13 sewing machines presented by District Chairman Santosh Singh Mam. All 13 girls and ladies showcased their stitched cloths very proudly. A pouch set which they stitched was gifted to DC.

Donation Of Tricycle To Needy Handicapped Boy

One tricycle was donated to a needy handicapped boy Balaji Kamble. The Club name was inscribed on the tricycle.

Donation Of Water Purifier and Cooler With 500litter Water Tank At Old Mondha.

At Old Mondha, one can find 450-500 porters (hamal) loading and unloading bulk on their backs. The Club installed a water purifier and cooler at the nearby Hanuman temple which is at the heart of the place. Now these people can drink purified cool water. Club has also provided water for the cows. Earthing also done. Inner Wheel Branding is also done. Club put push up tap so that wastage of water is avoided. One glass with chain was also fitted. Security 2 gate was fitted.

Donation Of Ventilator (District 314)

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Hanging Garden

President: Manisha Bhargava

District chairman: Sunita Jain

Chief guest: PAP Pushpa Suryamurty

Date: 27 JANUARY 2022

Health Holy Family Hospital in Bandra is a COVID Centre faced a huge patient load during the peak pandemic times. The lack of ventilators was sorely felt. Hospital needed a ventilator and was looking for one. Club moved on this project on a priority basis, raised funds and eventually ordered and donated a Vela Ventilator at Holy Family Hospital at Bandra. The project was inaugurated by PAP Pushpa Suryamurty

Donated Solar Lights (District 314)

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Pier

District Chairman: Sunita Jain

President: Sunishi Gabhawala

Date: 21 January 2022

Location – Karlapada, Vasai

Donated solar lights to each household.

Wheelchair distribution (District 315)

Inner Wheel Club of Nizamabad

District Chairman: Sunitha Vallam

President: Vaishali Subhedar

Date: 26 January 2022

On the occasion of Republic Day, the Club distributed 2 wheelchairs to needy children.

Mrs. Veena Swamy