Projects from IW India - January 2022 (2)

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Launch of Skills Development Centre (District 314)

Club Name: IWC Thane Garden City

District: 314

District Chairman: Sunita Jain

President: Anita Thanawala

Secretary: Asmita Shah

Charter: 5910

Project: Skill Centre

Day and Date: Saturday, 18 December, 2021

No. Of Members: 18

Beneficiaries: Many

Location: Saphale Village, Palghar

The Inner Wheel Club of Thane Garden City inaugurated a Training And Skills Development Centre for women which will provide all kinds of training like tailoring, beautician courses etc. It will cater to 92 groups which will empower women and girls in the surrounding tribal groups to become economically independent and self sufficient. This project is in collaboration with SHED.

Traffic signal for city of Balasore (District 326)

Inner Wheel Club of Balasore

District: 326

District Chairman: Manisha Shrivastava

Project President: Dr Kalpana Das

Secretary: Mr Sidhu Uday Kumar.

Date: 10/1/2022

The Inner Wheel Club of Balasore donated traffic signal light to the city of Balasore on 9 Jan 2022, the eve of Inner Wheel Day.


Inner Wheel Club of Guntur Udayan

District 315

DC: Sunitha Vallam

PROJECT: Distribution of stainless steel food plates

President: Smt. Sudha devi is a

Secretary: Neelima Jhunjhunwala.

Joint Secretary: Y Sridevi and Team Udayan

Chief guest: Dr Sanakkayala Aruna former Health Minister and a gynaecologist.

District 315 along with other districts donated over 1000 stainless steels food plates to various organisation across districts. The Inner Wheel Club of Guntur Udayan of District 315 brought the districts together to make this mega projects possible.


Inner Wheel Club of Cochin

District 320

District Chairman: Alamelu Sivaramakrishnan

President: Gita Krishnan

Number of beneficiaries Many

Project Impact: Community Reading room

The Inner Wheel Club of Cochin located an unused space at the Rotary Bal Bhavan premises in Panampilly Nagar and renovated it to become a reading Room for children ages 4 to 14 years old. The space was inaugurated by District Chairman Alamelu Sivaramakrishna. It is opened to children of the community during evening hours. A welcoming, cheerful space where children can spend hours browsing through books.

Clean water for hospital ward (District 303)

District 303

Inner Wheel Club of Warora

District Chairman: Ashwini Gujurati

President: Madhu Jaju

Project: Water ATM

Date: 10-1-2021

The Inner Wheel Club of Warora installed a high capacity tank for dispensing treated water, with the help of Nagar Parishad of Warora and Safe Water Network India on Inner Wheel Day (10 January 2022). The water dispenser has been set up in Azad Ward in Warora, this helps people fill 200 litres of water for just Rs 5.

Mrs. Veena Swamy