Online Celebration of Inner Wheel Day 2022

Posted by | Jan 16, 2022 |

Online Celebration of Inner Wheel Day

Inner Wheel District 244 Executive Committee organised an online meeting to celebrate Inner Wheel Day on January 10, 2022.

National Representative Siren Toksoy, District 242 Chairman İlay Yılmazlar, Past Board Directors, Past Chairmen of District 244, Presidents of Inner Wheel clubs and members of District 244 and 242 honoured the occasion.

District 244 Chairman Melek Güsar opened the meeting by explaining the history of the Inner Wheel celebration day.

National Representative Siren Toksoy talked about the important issue as suggested by the honourable Inner Wheel President Ebe Martines which is the Awareness of Cervical Cancer.

NR Siren Toksoy drew attention to the importance of the subject and explained that the Inner Wheel Club of Ege, District 244 has chosen this subject as their club project for this year. They have organised online seminars through the year for IW members, friends and university students. They have scheduled vaccination programmes for the university students.

Recently, in promoting awareness, the Inner Wheel Club of İzmir, District 244 organised an online seminar on the subject to inform IW members and friends.

The meeting continued with the past chairmen recounting their memories. It was an emotional and nostalgic meeting of collections of past events and experiences concerning Inner Wheel days shared by the members. The memories told by the past chairmen were also very interesting and encouraging for the new members.

The meeting ended with the wishes of celebrating many more years of IW Day.

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