District 330 Celebrates Inner Wheel Day

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District 330 Celebrates Inner Wheel Day

In 1970, IIW President Helena Foster (1969-1970) mooted the idea for a special day for a special organisation, and so, she wrote to all Inner Wheel Clubs with the following suggestion:

"I would like to ask all members of Clubs throughout the world to link together in ACTION on JANUARY 10th. I have chosen this special day because it was on January 10th 1924 that the Mother Club, the Manchester Inner Wheel Club, England, first adopted the name INNER WHEEL. …"

The response to the first celebration of Inner Wheel Day was nothing short of magnificent and this day has been celebrated globally by Inner Wheel Clubs in their own and diverse ways over the years, conveying a true picture of the wonderful spirit which embodies Inner Wheel and unites members in friendship and service.

This year of 2022 marks 98 years of the establishment of the first Inner Wheel Club and District 330 took the opportunity to have an online celebration to mark this auspicious day. Held on Sunday, 9 January 2022, the zoom platform witnessed the attendance of over 100 participants, not only from District 330 but also by friends of other Clubs and Districts, including Singapore, India, Italy and Sri Lanka.

The hour-long event was ably organised by District International Service Organiser Datin Pathma Ramanathan and her team of effervescent ISOs who put together a programme that held the participants captivated and entertained. Emcee Vicky Changi, ISO of IWC Kuala Lumpur City Centre set the ball rolling with her introductory welcome, followed by the National Anthem, and the traditional loyal toasts to the King of Malaysia by Immediate Past District Chairman Shanti Menon and to IIW by National Representative Ambika Menon. IIW Editor/Media Manager Cheng Yeok San did the honours of lighting the Candle of Friendship and ISO Meeta of IWC Bangsar recited the poem.

In her Opening Address, DISO Datin Pathma thanked everyone who had contributed to the successful launch of the event, especially her team of ISOs who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth and seamless flow of the programme. District Chairman Shamini Nair then delivered her Welcome Address and on behalf of all members, expressed her gratitude to IIW President Ebe Martines who had been so gracious to accept the invitation to grace the event, in spite of her busy schedule. DC Shamini explained that although plans had been put in place to carry out awareness projects related to Cervical Cancer, a key project of IIW, the plans had to be shelved temporarily to focus on helping communities that had been affected by unprecedented floods which had devastated huge parts of the country.

Then, members listened enthralled as NR Ambika introduced the guest of honour, IIW President for 2021-2022, Mrs Ebe Martines. President Ebe expressed her delight at being able to be together with District 330 on this memorable day and spoke briefly on the history of Inner Wheel, about the founder, Mrs Margarette Golding and the current theme of Pink First, as well as the focus areas of Women Helping Women via health, education, empowerment and opportunity. IIW Board Director Datin Seetha Lakshmi then took the floor to give a huge vote of thanks to President Ebe, accompanied by thunderous applause from the members.

Following this, as members sat back in their own homes to enjoy a cup of tea and snacks, they were entertained to a repertoire of traditional Malaysian dances as well as a demonstration on how to make ‘char koay teow’, a delectable dish enjoyed by most.

Members also learnt about the quintessential ‘nasi lemak’, another favourite Malaysian dish and how an accidental spill-over of coconut cream into a pot of boiling rice led to ‘nasi lemak’ occupying a plump position on most menus. Members were also taken on a brief tour of some of the charitable projects carried out by Clubs over the first six months of the 2021-2022 term.

Members agreed in unison that Sunday, 9 January 2022 was an evening well spent which manifested that being in Inner Wheel is truly all about the spirit of camaraderie and personal service.

Padmini Pillai