Projects from India - December 2021 (no 6)

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Bus Stop Shelter (District 317)

Inner Wheel Club Of Hubli West

President: Vijayalaxmi Gadwal

District Chairman: Rathna Behre

Date: 21 December 2021

A bus shelter at Gokul Road, opposite the NWKRTC Divisional Office was restored and reconstructed. It was inaugurated by Association President Saroj Katiyar. This bus shelter would be very useful to public by providing protection from the rain and the sun. The project was sponsored by President Vijayalaxmi Gadval.

SHIKSHA SAHAYATA(E-Learning And Education) (District 329)

Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Junction

President: Sonali Mitra

District Chairman: Jyoti Mahipal

Total No. of Beneficiaries: 438

Date: 11 December 2021

It has been said, ‘A house without a book is like a room without a window.’ In today’s world, along with books, education without computer literacy is equivalent to being almost uneducated.

The Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Junction reached to the interior villages of Purulia, West Bengal to provide aid for educational needs of the first generation literate local tribal schoolchildren, especially those in the advance classes i.e standards IX, X, XI and XII. The Club helped to procure study materials through the fantastic world of Internet and produced effective cum attractive lessons of various subjects in preparation of their Board examinations. We felt privileged to hand over:

i) 1 DELL Desktop computer (received with gratitude from the Inner Wheel Club Of Calcutta Lansdowne) under the dynamic guidance of our esteemed District Chairman.

ii) 1 FRONTECH desktop computer (sponsored by another kind patron)

iii) Each of the above PCs were given along with 1 HP colour Printer and 1UPS (power back-up).

iv) 100 Learning kits for primary school children including exercise books, educational stationery like pen, pencil, sharpener, ruler, complete set of extendable pencils, crayons and MERI-KITAB enclosed in bags with our club name, Inner Wheel logo and the IW District name.

v) To empower girls with vocational training while still under the high school guiding years, 1 Singer Hand-Sewing Machine was also donated through the sponsorship of a club member.

The computers and learning kits were handed over to :

a. Sree Sree Radhabinod Jeu (SRBP) Boy’s High School, Post Muradi

b. Barshal High School (co-education) Post Pachandapur respectively

c. The Sewing Machine was given to Muradi Girl’s High School, Post Muradi

The entire project was executed in association with NGO - MANASI The Healing Touch

Installation Of Sanitary Disposable Machine (District 305)

Inner Wheel Club Jaipur East

President: Sangita Sharan

District Chairman: Rakhi Desai

Date: 15 December 2021

The Inner Wheel Club Of Jaipur East donated and installed

1. Sanitary Pad disposable machine at Gandhinagar Railway station. It will be managed completely by women staff of 60 employees. Even the security officers deployed by Reserve Police force are women. Beneficiaries: all women commuters and station staff.

2. Installation of Sanitary Disposable machine at IIIRd AC waiting hall of Jaipur Central Railway Station. Beneficiaries: 7000 commuters daily.

“Preksha” Mega Joint Projects (District 325)

Inner Wheel Club Of Gaya

District Chairman: Poonam Thakur

President: Tripti Gupta

Chief guest :-Association President Saroj Katiyar

Date: 25 December 2021

Project 1

1. Donated 2 Thela

2. Donated 1 Rui batti machine

3. Donated 8 Sewing machines

4. Donated 6 Bicycles for girls

Project 2

5. Donated 4 Sanitary Napkin Destroy Machine

6. Donated 2 Sanitary Napkin wending machine

7. Distributed 500 Mask

8. Donated 1 Foot sanitizer machine

9. Donated 6 Hearing Aid Machine


10. 500 Plants distributed

Project 4

11. Donated 400 Blankets

12. 12 Wheelchair

13. Project NIWALA day 40 ( Anna daan mahadaan)

A project in which we feed the needy and poor people: on the 40th day We donated grocery and vegetables to the old age home "Veda”, Gaya.

14. Donated Walker and a stick to a needy old man and a lady.

15. Woollen clothes donated for children.

Project 5

16. Donated cancer vaccination for 5 girls.

Project 6

17. Cash donation and woollen cloths donation to transgenders.

Project 7

18. Park for children in Gaya, inaugurated by AP Saroj Katiyar

Kolkatta Police’s Special Task Force (District 329)

Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Midtown

President: Debjani Roychowdhury

District Chairman: Jyoti Mahipal.

Chief Guest: Association President Saroj Katiyar

Date: 15 December 2021

Felicitations to the Kolkata Police’s Special Task Force, winning squad of 36 women officers and constables on bikes patrolling city streets and public places to ensure the safety of women and help those in distress due to eve teasing, molestation, etc. The honours were presented by Association President Saroj Katiyar at the District conference.

Eye Care Check Up Centre (District 310)

Joint project at Meerut and Mawana

District Chairman: Sonal Bhatia

Date: 27th December 2021

A mega project was organised in Mawana in which all the 11 clubs of Meerut and 3 clubs of Mawana participated. District Chairman Sonal Bhatia and members of Executive and PDC Sujla ji and PDC Mridula ji were also present in this event. In this camp, a huge crowd turned up for eye check up and 35 people were found to need cataract operations. They were sent to hospital in Meerut where they will be operated soon. 19 hearing impaired people were given hearing aids. One

e-rickshaw was given to a physically challenged person. Dr Amit gave a talk about cancer awareness, precautions , vaccine and other things.

Mrs. Veena Swamy.