Projects from India - December 21 (No. 2)

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"STRI GRAH UDYOG” Mega project (District 326)

Inner Wheel Club of Jabalpur Mid Town Next Nu-Gen

President: Dr Seema Mehrotra

Secretary: Dr Aboli Pansey

Date: 14 November 2021

On 14 November 2021, District Chairman Mrs Manisha Shrivastava visited "Stri Grah Udyog”, a mega project which she launched in July during the Club installation ceremony. It had taken 5 months to complete. The project was to empower poor women by giving them financial independence, not by charitably giving cash but to “teach them how to catch a fish”.

The women were taught how to manufacture daily household consumable products. We started with 2 products, a dish washing liquid “SHINE”, and a handwash called “CARE”.

We visited to the slum area and found a group of destitute women who are keen to learn new things. We also visited factories and met many manufacturers. Most of them refused to share their formula with us.

One gentleman was ready to share his formula for this noble cause. Club Treasurer Mrs Sakshi Gulati and I (the Club President) and went for training for a week. The first lesson was a demonstration. This was followed by daily practices for 6 days to prepare the dish washing liquid. After 7 days, we were finally able to achieve a consistency.

We demonstrated and taught our Club’s Pink First beneficiaries (members of Stree Grah Udyog). After several days of training, we were able to launch the two products.

During this visit by the District Chairman, all the members purchased the first lot (15 litres) and everyone was so satisfied with the quality that they demanded more.

Compared to many other famous brands, SHINE showed the following benefits:

1. Cost effective (as we don't spend on advertising).

2. It will not dry your hands after using.

3. It will rinse completely and will not leave a white coating, seen when using some branded products.

4. It was made after lot of market survey....

5 As we don't have to pay wholesalers so we could put all efforts in using good quality materials.

Beneficiaries: Women in slum areas female who are now members of Stri Grah Udyog

Solar Panel Installation (District 311)

Inner Wheel Club Of Haldwani, Uttrakhand, India

District Chairman: Dr Divya Lehrijj

President: Deepa Tewari

Date: 15 November 2021

Solar panels were installed at Queen's Senior Secondary School, Haldwani.

Inner Wheel Branding (District 326)

Inner Wheel Club of Jabalpur Mid Town Next Nu-Gen

District Chairman: Manisha Shrivastava

President: Meena Dahiya

Venue: Railway Station, Jabalpur Junction

Beneficiaries: Thousands of people coming to the railway station

Date: 28.11.2021

For Inner Wheel branding, a 3m x 3m (10’ x 10’) size hoarding with the centenary year logo of International Inner Wheel was installed at the two-wheeler parking area of Jabalpur Railway station in front of the exit/entry escalator at platform No.6 exhibiting 97 years of service to humanity.

District Chairman Manisha Shrivastava visited the site and inaugurated the hoarding.

Pre-school Development (District 321)

Inner Wheel Club Of Trivandrum

President: Dr Lalitha Ramakrishnan

Date: 20 November 2021

Vizhinjam is a coastal area in Trivandrum with about 5700 families / households. It has 27 anganwadis. An “anganwadi” means a ‘courtyard shelter’ in India. The system of anganwadis was developed in 1975 by the Indian government to alleviate malnutrition in children. The anganwadis provide meals each day to children under six years old living in slums, and also provide lessons in health, hygiene and literacy in a nurturing pre-school environment. They often become community centres for women and children, contributing programmes and services to early childhood education, nutrition and healthcare.

Two of these anganwadis did not have electricity. The Inner Wheel Club of Trivandrum took it up as a project by installing the electrical supply and providing the electrical accessories for the two centres at Kovalam and Vizhinjam in October.

IWC of Trivandrum collaborated with ICDS under the Department of Women & Children Development. The Club is doing a weekly skill development programme for children from this coastal area, too.

The centre at Kovalam is all spruced up now, with assistance from the Government of Kerala.

MEGA PROJECT 2.0 (District 313)

Inner Wheel Club of Manchar

District Chairman: Santosh Singh

President: Rashmi Samdadia

Date: 6 December 2021

Project 1

Project Avenue: Women Empowerment

Project Title: Parlour Chair

Project Description: Donated a parlour chair to a girl who completed an advance course through the Club.

Sponsored by: President Rashmi Samdadia

Project 2

Project Avenue: Women Empowerment

Project Title: Pepper Spray

Project Description:

We distributed 30 pepper sprays to hostel girls for their safety as they stay out for work till the late hours.

Beneficiaries: 30

Sponsored by: President Rashmi Samdadia

Project 3

Project Avenue: health and hygiene and Inner Wheel branding

Project Title: Wheelchair, stick and walker

Project Description: In commemorating ‘Handicap Day’, we gave 1 wheelchair, 2 sticks, and 1 walker to needy handicap people.

Beneficiaries: 4

Sponsored by: Sangeeta Samdadia

Project 4

Project Avenue: Orphan

Project Title: Playground Equipment at school for orphan

Project Description: We donated and installed playground equipment in a school for orphans for their enjoyment.

Beneficiaries: 35 Orphan students.

Sponsored by Charter President Netra Shah.

Project 5

Project Avenue: Education

Project Description: Renovated the flooring at Eklaharya School.

Beneficiaries: 45 students

Sponsored by: Sandeep Doke

Project 6

Project Avenue: Education

Project Title: Blackboard and Outdoor Bench with Inner Wheel Branding

Project Description: We gave 3 blackboards and 2 outdoor benches in Mordewadi ZP school.

Beneficiaries: 150 students

Donation of Ambulance for a noble cause (District 312)

Inner Wheel Club Of Gorakhpur

President: Madhulika singh

District Chairman: Archana Bajpai

Date: 15-11-2021

Venue : Women's Studies Centre Gorakhpur University

Beneficiaries: Many

The Club donated an ambulance cum health check up van to the Women's Studies Centre, DDU Gorakhpur University for a humanitarian cause. This Van will be used as an ambulance and to foster the activities related to health, and wellness, and to provide privacy during check-ups like Pap Smear, Breast Check up etc. in rural areas where there is a lack of a proper health centre and other medical facilities. It will be used especially for the welfare of women, children and for other needy people if required.

Mrs. Veena Swamy