IWC of Alor Setar Holds Charity Bazaar

Posted by | Jan 01, 2022 |


The above quote could not have been proven any more apt than on 16 December 2021 when the Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar (IWC AS) collaborated with Satchitananda Ashram to hold a Charity Bazaar.

This Ashram operates from a huge hall with several facilities in Jitra, Kedah. IWC AS took the opportunity to have a discussion with the manager to hold a Charity Bazaar and preliminary discussions soon morphed into the possibility of a bazaar to give away pre-loved items to the poor and needy. After several rounds of further discussions, the logistics for the Bazaar were put in place.

A simple flyer requesting for pre-loved items was sent to friends, who in turn, graciously sent to their friends, which then cascaded even further. Soon, friends and strangers who later became friends, turned up at the collection place to donate their pre-loved and even new items, including electrical equipment, kitchen utensils, bedding, curtains, towels, toys, stationery, books, bags, clothes and shoes. As the collection pile grew beyond expectations, initial fears that this project would not be successful dissipated; both IWC AS and the Ashram team felt assured that many more marginalised people than originally estimated, would be able to take away what they needed.

The response to the Bazaar on 16 December was mind boggling to say the least. One never knows how valued pre-loved items are for those who really need them. A gamut of emotions ran through the hearts and minds of IWC AS members as the Bazaar “customers” gushed with excitement and joy at being able to pick up a toy for their children, a story book, a pair of shoes, and even a brand new tee.

IWC AS extends its deepest appreciation to the team at the Ashram who provided the Hall, the transportation, the publicity and promotion, and the manpower to hold the Bazaar. Those who turned up in droves also enjoyed hot drinks, noodles and a local delicacy, courtesy of the Ashram.

Yes, giving certainly culminates in a deep sense of satisfaction. As Mother Theresa said, “It is not how much we DO, but how much LOVE we put in the doing; it is not how much we GIVE, but how much LOVE we put in the giving”.

IWC AS takes this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and may this event by IWC AS be the harbinger to a 2022 year that is full of joy, peace, good health and hope.

Shantha Pillai