Bazaar Day for Supporting Village Women

Posted by | Dec 30, 2021 |

IWC İzmir is supporting the women of Helvacı Village, by creating opportunities for their produce.

The Inner Wheel Club İzmir members organised a Bazaar Day at Chapter Coffee to sell cookies, cakes, marmalades, pickles, bags, scarfs and new year ornaments that they have prepared themselves. Members and their friends who stopped by had a very pleasant time sharing the goodies with coffee and chitchatted.

As their project of the year, IWC İzmir is supporting the women of Helvacı Village by creating opportunities for them in weaving carpets with traditional designs. Until today 6 carpet loops were donated to the village.

Recently, the club undertook the expenses of three village women in payment for three months of weaving courses in the city centre. The income of the Bazaar will be used for this purpose.

Gülgün Dolunay