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Posted by | Dec 23, 2021 |

Guernsey Tree of Joy Present Campaign – adding a little extra magic at Christmas

For the last 26 years the Inner Wheel Club of Guernsey has worked with the Rotary Club of Guernsey to provide Christmas presents to deserving children in Guernsey.

The clubs work with schools and support agencies that submit the names of deserving children with a suggestion of a suitable age appropriate gift. The names are collated and present tags are printed and then distributed to supportive local businesses and shops from where the tags can be collected.

A member of the public takes a tag, buys the present and wraps it and it is taken to the “Secret Grotto” to be checked, ready for distribution to families in time for Christmas Day.

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For many children this could be the only present they will receive at Christmas.

Without the hard work and support of Inner Wheel and Rotary Club of Guernsey members this initiative would not be possible and the heart warming comments received from parents and carers, makes this campaign so worthwhile.

Jocelyn Dorey