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Posted by | Dec 20, 2021 |

Christmas Gifts For Infant Jesus Convent Retirement Home

Atop a hillock, amidst lush greenery, lies the Infant Jesus Convent (IJC) Retirement Home. This is a Convent, home for about 30 retired nuns. These Sisters of the Order had dedicated their lives to empowering the minds of numerous Malaysian youth. Thus, the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur (IWCKL) felt blessed to be able to bring some festive cheer to the Home. This Relationship Project is close to the members’ hearts and IWCKL has been giving unstinting support for the past 15 years.

However due to the COVID-19 pandemic which does not seem to be letting up, stringent SOPs have to be observed. The Christmas lunch, the merrymaking, the carolling were all missing, but not the gifts.

Members of IWCKL were more than generous with their purses, and with the collection, our project coordinators ISO Ooi Bee Ngoh and Past President Margaret Yee were able to purchase 2 Tower Fans, 6 Thermo Pots, an 8L Multi Cooker, 5 boxes Adult diapers and other essentials. There were also jam tarts and cocoa powder drinks from Beryls Malaysia.

Sister Stephanie and Sister Gertrude were effusive with their thanks because almost all the items obtained were sorely needed by IJC. President Jinny Lum accompanied by 12 members of IWCKL, gave a short, nevertheless a meaningful speech during the presentation, followed by a heartfelt word of thanks from Sister Stephanie. A lovely recyclable bag was then presented to each member as a token of appreciation from IJC. Before departing, the irrepressible ladies of IWCKL impulsively broke out in some Christmas carols amidst much laughter and good cheer. That beautiful morning, everyone truly felt the warmth of the Christmas spirit.

Our sincere thanks to all generous donors and Project Coordinators, for without them, all these would not have been possible.

A lovely quote from St Francis of Assisi,

“For, it is in the giving that we receive”.

May the spirit of Christmas bring peace, joy and hope. A Blessed Christmas to all!

Lena Chua