Activities of IWC Ege, Turkey in November

Posted by | Dec 19, 2021 |

Activities of Inner Wheel Club Ege in November

The Inner Wheel Club of Ege organised their second meeting of the year on November 11, 2021. Members of the Inner Wheel Club of Atakent had also attended the meeting.

The first topic of the day was to commemorate Atatürk on the anniversary of his death. DC Melek Güsar gave a short speech on his legacy.

Secondly, the guest speaker Şaziye Karlıklı talked on he theme of ‘Woman First’ and her book entitled ‘The Last Woman’ which is about many interesting women in history.

Club President Ekin Kalender announced the club’s donation of a printer with copy and scan functions to Evrenseki Ahmet Köseoğlu Primary school.

30 copies of children’s writer Handan Gökçek’s book ‘Sky Fairies and Children of Earth’ were also donated to the İzmir Public Library on 8 Nov 2021 in conjunction with the Library’s World Children’s Books Day Organisation.

A powered wheelchair was donated to 16-year-old scoliosis athlete, Enis Yıldız. A happy remark was received from the trainer that the athlete’s life became a lot easier with the chair. Members of the Inner Wheel Club of Ege are very happy to have such feedback which encourages them to keep working for the community with enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness.

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