News from Inner Wheel Cobourg, Canada

Posted by | Dec 16, 2021 |

A glance at Inner Wheel Cobourg’s first half of IW 2021-22

In 2021, we have been able to meet in person. It has been wonderful to see everyone in person and have that personal contact, as well as still keeping up with Zoom meetings.

We were very busy getting organised for an online auction that came about from one of our members’ downsizing. Work for this event was carried out in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Cobourg. We spent two very busy weekends in a row. All proceeds will be given to Ed’s House which is a new Hospice centre in Cobourg.

It has been fortunate that we have been able to donate towards the IIW COVID-19 Disaster and Vaccination Fund. As we all know, the coronavirus has hit us all in some way or another so it was very important to us to help in this international project.

A fundraising project saw us spending three sessions at a local nursery doing outdoor evergreen pot arrangements. The proceeds will be going to local charities supporting women and children in our community.

We have been volunteering with the Salvation Army in our local community, participating in their iconic red kettles. Funds raised by the local SA stays in the community in which they were donated. The red kettle harks back to the early days of England where generous donors would toss coins into a large pot.

The most exciting announcement this September is that we have been chosen as the recipient of Cobourg’s Distinguished Civic Award in the Community Services category. The presentation at the 19th Annual Civic Awards Ceremony was held virtually and recorded on Youtube

The Club was also mentioned by the Mayor of Cobourg, John Henderson in the local news.

For the rest of the Inner Wheel year, we are well underway in planning for 2022. We are hoping to keep up with our in-person meetings.

Barbara Johns - Club President