Projects from India - November 2021 (no 4)

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Menstrual Health & Hygiene(District 324)

Inner Wheel Club of Gangtok

District Chairman- Amita Mundra

President- Sunita Kiran

Date- 11th November 2021

Menstrual Hygiene: The Inner Wheel Club of Gangtok installed a sanitary vending machine at West Point Senior Secondary School in Gangtok for the health and hygiene of female students. Present at the machine installation were the Area Councillor, principal and teachers. The event was officiated by the Ward Councillor, Mrs Pema Lamtha.

Celebrating Diwali at the school for the blind (District 319)

Inner Wheel Club of Maddur

District Chairman- Veena Niranjan

President - Soumya

Date- 12th November 2021

The Inner Wheel Club of Maddur celebrated Diwali (an annual religious festival) at a school for the blind. Club President Soumya sourced food items and organised a musical evening for the children. A lamp was given to each of the 100 blind children at the Diwali Primary School. The Club President and members also gave buns, biscuits, bananas and apples to the children and the staff. There were joyous smiles on their faces. They also sang devotional songs to mark the occasion.

Sanitary Pad Dispensers and Incinerators- (District 318)

District Chairman: Pushpa Gururaj

Date: 28th October 2021

Amount spent : 87500

Beneficiaries : 1300+

This is a joint project of the Inner Wheel Clubs of Mysore Asiri, Mysore Central, Mysore Gold, Mysore Midtown, Mysore North, Mysore South east and Mysore West.

Nine sanitary pad dispensers and incinerators were donated to the Sharadha Vilas educational institution. The event was officiated by District Chairman Pushpa Gururaj in the presence of PDC Anuradha Nandakumar, dignitaries of the institution and the students. A film show was also arranged regarding the use of the machines, watched by the students and staff.

Merry-go-round Swing (District 309)

District Chairman- Mrs. Nita Puri


Amount spent-15,000/-

Date- 15th November 2021

This is a joint project of the Inner Wheel Clubs of Sirsa , Sirsa Midtown, Sirsa Main, Sirsa Shine, Sirsa Stars, Sirsa Heights and Sirsa Diamonds.

The event was held in commemorating Children’s Day. The joint project was the installation of a merry-go-round swing in the Government Sanskriti Primary School. The school had no swings. It is much needed for the fun and health of the children. They showed happiness and excitement to get these activity facility in their school

Female Education (District 308)

Inner Wheel Club of Jagadhri Yamuna Nagar

District Chairman: Gurpreet Kaur

President: Charu Mathur Kothari

Amount Spent- Rs. 48160/-

Beneficiaries- 10

Date- 18th November 2021

The Inner Wheel Club of Jagadhri Yamuna Nagar paid one year’s school fees for 10 girls. Rs 23160 were contributed by members and the rest from the Club. Of the ten girls, eight were from the DN School and two from Sai Soubhagaya, in the city of Yamuna Nagar.

Mrs. Veena Swamy