Computer literacy for women

Posted by | Dec 14, 2021 |

This season of 2021-2022 was off to a great start because our team was able to meet in person after a long-awaited time. Our meetings for this year are themed to celebrate our club’s multiculturalism.

Each month, our team celebrates a different country and presented by the members from that country who represent the culture, history, sites and food. So far, we have covered Lebanon and Jordan.

Following the theme Pink First, the Inner Wheel Club of Ottawa has chosen to support the Immigrant Women Services of Ottawa (IWSO) as a beneficiary to our fundraising events for this year.

We are kicking-off our fundraising events by launching a computer literacy programme to help educate women about the digital world.

In addition, we are working towards making Christmas Baskets to distribute to women in shelters. The Inner Wheel Club of Ottawa has many fundraisers planned for the rest of the year, including a Valentines Day party, a Tea Party celebrating Women’s Day, our National Gala, and other craftwork programmes.

Eiman Abouzeina, Club President