Charter Ceremony of IW Club Napoli Reale

Posted by | Dec 14, 2021 |

President Ebe attends the Charter Ceremony of Inner Wheel Club Napoli Reale

The presentation of the Charter Certificate to the50th club of District 210, the Inner Wheel Club of Napoli Reale, was held on Friday, 26 November 2021 at the The Brothers Medina restaurant in Naples. Present were International President Ebe Panitteri Martines, National President Ettorina Ottaviani Grignani, the Deputy NR Donatella Amendola Maestri, District 210 Chairman Liliana Del Grosso Russo, Extension Chairman Trofimena Forte, President of the sponsoring Club "Hirpinia" Geppina Flammia Pacilli.

President Elena Pennarola explained the choice of name in a heartfelt, and exciting speech. Naples Reale (reale means royalty) is about the history of the Borbone monarchy in Naples. It represents the town characterised by the reality of everyday contradictions for both elite and commoner soul. The Club, formed in July, is composed of 10 members/ They are highly enthusiastic and motivated. The ceremony was vibrant and in an ambience of deep friendship and enthusiasm.

President Elena Pennarola and the Members thanked all for attending. They anticipate many following events organised by the Club, based on the main themes: the respect for women, the leadership of women, the management at the time of the COVID.

Maria Carla Terrazzano