November Projects from India (no 1).

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Distribution Of Basic Needs To School (District 310)

Inner Wheel Club of Meerut-

Date: 19th October

District Chairman: Mrs Sonal Bhatia

District Editor: Mrs. Usha Gupta

Club President: Mrs. Sunita Gupta

Secretary: Mrs. Swati Gupta

On the occasion of the Chairman’s visit on 19th October, the club did some projects:

  1. The following articles were given to two schools namely Basic Shiksha School, Loopur Baxar village and Saraswati Shishu Mandir in Kanker Khera: 30 Sweaters, 25 pairs of shoes, 36 Trousers, Books for 12 students, Copies for 12 students , 60 school bags, 50 geometry boxes, 4 carrom boards, 4 cricket bats, 6 skipping ropes, 2 basketball sets. Beneficiaries : 180 +125= 305 students
  2. Publicising Inner Wheel: 10 Umbrellas with Inner Wheel logo were given to the needy people.
  3. The following articles were given to Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College: 1 sanitary napkin vending machine, 100 sanitary napkins, 30 newborn baby nursery bed sheets, 40 small changing sheets and 50 bottles of iron drops

Computer Laboratory (District 312)

Inner Wheel club of Varanasi Central

District Chairman- Archana Bajpai

President - Reena Garg

Date - 19/10/2021

Our club made a fully equipped computer lab for the children of an Orphanage.

New split Air conditioner was installed. Fan, computer books were also given. A volunteer teacher also arranged teach them. Beneficiaries: 31. Amount: 2,10,000rs ( Two lakh ten thousand only )

Village Adoption (District 321)


District Chairman- Mrs. Cinda Zacharias Jojy

President- Mrs. Soudha Mini

Project Cost: Rs.1,30,000/-

Number of Beneficiaries: 65 families

Date: 21/10/2021

The Inner Wheel Club of Nagercoil Sagaram, has adopted a tribal village at Tachamalai, and has been conducting medical camps and many needed services for the benefit of the villagers. We interacted with the people and asked about the necessities. We also interacted with the kids of the primary school at Thachamalai. We held small competitions and gave prizes. Sweets were distributed to the kids and we had a memorable time with them. We provided cots for 65 families. The members had to cross a river, a boat journey of one hour to reach the tribal village.

This was made possible by the support and voluntary service of Ms. Lavanya and family (Rs One lakh), and Ms Shanthy Nasians and family (Rs.Thirty Thousand). Total project cost ₹ 1,35,000. Beneficiaries were 65 families of the tribal village.

Community Health & Hygiene (District 320)

Inner Wheel Club of Greater Cochin

District Chairman: Alamelu Sivaramakrishnan

President : Jyothi Surendran

Project Cost-Rs 1,85,000/-

Date- 23-10-2021

As part of the District Chairman’s visit projects club donated a wheelchair, made a contribution for an oxygen cylinder and ambulance repairs (Rs 1,50,000) along with COVID-19 essentials like masks and gloves to Taluk Hospital in Karuvelipadi . 3 fans were also donated to the adopted school Udayamperoor Government School

Donation of Ambulance (District 312)

Inner Wheel Club of Varanasi Central

District Chairman- Archana Bajpai

President - Reena Garg

Date - 19/10/2021

Beneficiaries: Needy Patients

Amount- 8,28,000rs ( Eight lakh twenty eight thousand only )

Our Club donated an ambulance for providing free service to the needy to Aghor Foundation, for a local hospital.

Mrs. Veena Swamy