COVID-19, Lives Matter!

Posted by | Dec 06, 2021 |

Urgently Needed Medical Items and Support to Help Save Lives in Sri Lanka

The global impact of COVID-19 has dealt a significant shock to Sri Lanka’s economy and people and caused widespread disruption in the economic and social sectors of the country. The public health system is reeling under an overburdened demand of healthcare services and saving lives amidst the pandemic is the priority of the day.

As people of action, the Inner Wheel Club of Colombo has provided COVID-19 support to three state hospitals in different parts of our little island.

The COVID-19 treatment centre at the Sirimavo Bandaranayake Specialized Childrens Hospital in Peradeniya was in dire need of electric water geysers to provide running hot water to the children due to its cooler climate. Drinking water filters, children’s clothing, electric kettles and activity-based items like stationery, colouring books, story books, and board games were gifted to the children afflicted with the disease.

The District General Hospital in Negombo was in urgent need of hospital screens for the COVID-19 ward to help manage their critical care patients.

Ratnapura, a town in the central part of the island where the Ratnapura Teaching Hospital is located was a recipient of HNFC Machine Nasal Prongs for respiratory support and food items for the children’s ward.

Our total project cost amounted to Sri Lankan Rs 300,000 (approx. US$ 1,500)

Durriyah Abidally