Water - The Elixir Of Life in Sri Lanka

Posted by | Dec 04, 2021 |

Tube Well Fulfils Need Of A Community In Rural Sri Lanka.

Access to safe drinking water can transform lives. In the northern villages of rural Sri Lanka many people are affected by a shortage of safe drinking water. In order to ease the burden on the community the Inner Wheel Club of Colombo embarked on a project to donate a tube well in the police area of Rajanganaya within the dry zone of the island.

This well will benefit about a thousand families that earlier depended on buying bottled water for their consumption. Water at a cost is not what people whose sole income is mostly from farming could afford. The benefits to the greater community as a whole and the police force was appreciated immensely by the people of the area.

The cost of the project was LKR 225,000 (Approximately US$ 1100)

Durriyah Abidally