Inner Wheel Club of Kaunas' activities.

Posted by | Dec 03, 2021 |

Inner Wheel Club of Kaunas (Lithuania) in Inner Wheel Service and Fellowship


The Inner Wheel Club of Kaunas in Lithuania (non-districted) has been working in collaboration with a non-political, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation called “Save The Children”, a member of Save the Children International. The Club received an SOS to help refugee women who are pregnant and the new-borns. Members rallied and donated necessary items such as diapers, bottle nipples, feeding bottles and towels.

The Club organised a painting lesson conducted by the renowned Lithuanian painter, Irena Mikuličiūtė for the “The chimney of home” children. It was held at the Kaunas Botanical Garden (or Vytautas Magnus University Botanical Garden). The garden was founded in 1923, houses cultural and natural heritage for plant conservation and research. It is a great place to visit for education and tourism.


On one good day when COVID-19 travel restrictions were eased, members took the opportunity to take a one-day trip to Telšiai, a 14th century old town in the north, about 2 hours’ drive away. The fellowship was an invigorating feeling, after the lockdowns.

Oksana Kundrotiene (Club President)