Denmark’s success with Madagascar baskets

Posted by | Dec 03, 2021 |

Since 2018, Inner Wheel Denmark has been supporting Mødrehjælpen, a Danish organisation that advocates for and assists to provide better conditions for vulnerable pregnant women and families with children.

This Danish organisation is a well-known and well-established foundation which started many years ago to help young unmarried mothers and their children. Today, it has grown into a broader organisation supporting exposed families, pregnant women, and battered women with children.

Among the many reasons why Inner Wheel Denmark chose to support this organisation are: (1) shared same values with focus on women and children, (2) it is a nation-wide platform which can facilitate the many local IW clubs of IW Denmark through Mødrehjælpen’s departments around the country, (3) everyone could participate on their own level and abilities – in other words not just financially but also in service, and (4) Mødrehjælpen’s wide network and professionally driven social media could help Inner Wheel to be better exposed for the recruitment of new members.

For example, Inner Wheel Clubs are involved in their local community by providing practical support in activities such as at summer camps and Christmas time, when extra hands are needed. The elderly Inner Wheel members are also helping in the Mødrehjælpen’s project “From Yarn to Child” – knitting and crocheting clothes for children and donating the works to the local Mødrehjælpen shops. It has enabled these elderly members to support from the comfort of their own home.

Our greatest success is without doubt the project called “Madagascar baskets”. By teaming up with a Danish NGO importer of handmade baskets from Madagascar, we support small local communities in Madagascar by buying their handicraft. By selling these colourful, multi-purpose and very handy baskets in Denmark, we could donate all the proceeds to Mødrehjælpen.

So far we have managed to sell more than 5,000 baskets, which is far more than we had initially hoped for, taking into consideration the small size of Denmark.

The project has united a lot of Inner Wheel members towards a common activity: finding new customers, new points of sale, or new use for these baskets. Each time we hand over a basket, it gives us the opportunity to tell the story about Inner Wheel, our values and support.

This has truly been a win-win story for our international support and understanding, for support of a Danish organisation, and for the togetherness in our clubs.

Merle Conradi-Larsen

District International Service Organiser

District 48