Brindisi Sveva Filia Solis

Posted by | Nov 24, 2021 |

The Charter Ceremony Of IWC Brindisi Sveva Filia Solis

On 6 November 2021, the charter ceremony of the Inner Wheel Club of Brindisi Sveva Filia Solis was held at the Francesco Ribezzo Museum in Brindisi.

The ceremony venue was filled to the brim with Inner Wheel members. All were attentively observing the tradition of lighting the colored candles. Blue representing the sea, yellow representing the sun, red for friendship, pink for women and green for hope.

The District 210 Chairman 2021-2022, Liliana Del Grosso Russo, masterfully presided over the official award the Charter in the presence of National Representative Donatella Nicolich, and several Inner Wheel and Rotary representatives.

The club's name was inspired by the nobleman Frederick II of Swabia who, in love with our city, called it "filia solis", to express the light reflecting in the waters of its magnificent harbour.

The thirteen young members are already aware that they belong to the world's largest women's association. With pride, Charter President, Dorina Morroi signed the Charter Certificate along with the other charter members, followed by the presentation of the Inner Wheel badges. National Representative Donatella Nicolich then read the congratulatory messages from the Immediate Past International President Dr Bina Vyas, the current International President Ebe Martines and the National President Ettorina Ottaviani Grignani.

The effort of Extension Chairman Trofimena Forte and the active participation of the sponsor Carmelina Casamassima Cafiero, in birthing this new club, is a great honour to District 210.

Carmelina Cafiero Casamassima