Nepal’s Deusi Bhailo programme

Posted by | Nov 11, 2021 |

Nepal’s Deusi Bhailo programme, a celebration in song and dance.

On 30 October 2021, four Inner Wheel Clubs in Nepal (District 350) organised a very enjoyable and culturally important programme, called Deusi Bhailo, at the Saugat Montessori School. All other Inner Wheel Clubs and District 350 officials were invited.

District Chairman Gyanu Shrestha graced the function as the Chief Guest and other District Officials as specIal guests.

The club members performed skits, comedy, songs and dances which were entertaining and enlightening about the rich culture of this celebration. The Deusi Bhailo programme is a 5-day celebration of Tihar (Ed: Nepali: तिहार, one of the most important Hindu festivals, almost similar to Diwali, the Festival of Light).

The first day is the kaag (crow) puja (worship and prayers), the second day is the kukkur (dog) puja and on the third day is the gai (cow) puja. During the night, we illuminate our home and welcome Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth). On the fourth day is mha (self) puja, which is considered the first day of Nepal Sambat (the traditional lunar calendar). On this day the Newar community do the self puja, in celebrating one’s own being. The last day is the bhai (brother) puja for your brothers’ well being and long lives as brothers protect and empower their sisters.

In this event, some funds were collected for future projects. Everyone participated in the last dance and enjoyed the fellowship, motivation and preservation of our rich culture.

Kamala Shrestha