An Empowered Woman – The Story of Mythili

Posted by | Nov 05, 2021 |

An Empowered Woman – The Success Story of Mythili

For a few weeks, the Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor (IWCSS) was financially helping a housewife, Mythili, who had found it difficult to manage her household expenses after her husband, the sole breadwinner, lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, she approached the Club once again for help to pay her utility bills.

Upon reflection, IWCSS felt that merely giving cash donations each time will not help Mythili in the long term. Perhaps there is some way for Mythili to be financially independent and self-sustaining. Members then decided that Mythili could be empowered and learn to stand on her own two feet, as she was young and healthy. All Mythili needed was a morale booster to be more confident of her own capabilities.

After a discussion with Mythili, the idea slowly sank in and she realised that she could use her cooking skills to open up a stall to sell food and drinks.

IWCSS was indeed pleased that this housewife was all gung-ho to start a small business and gave her the encouragement to bring her idea into fruition. She came up with a list of equipment that she needed. To start her off with her business, IWCSS contributed a stipend with which she purchased the necessary equipment — rice cooker, pressure cooker, drinks decanter, food warmer, etc. Following this, she set up a stall near her home and began to sell breakfast items and soft drinks. It only took a month for her efforts to be rewarded. She is now earning a tidy sum which comes in handy to defray her household expenses.

This resourceful housewife is now happy and self-assured. For IWCSS, her story is one of perseverance, a never give-up attitude and determination, all of which are key ingredients to succeed. The Club feels very fulfilled in meeting one of the goals set by IIW President Ebe Martines about empowering a woman to take charge of her life, and in the process, of the family members who depend on her.

As J. K. Rowlings aptly said with regards to Empowered Women,We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves”.

Mythili has indeed found hers.

Shamala Dharan