Women Helping Women in Pakistan

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“Women Helping Women” (a life changing story)

Shaista is a mother, wife, and only bread winner of her family. She always thought that she would never let her children beg or compromise on her self-respect when she took charge of her family after her husband was disabled in an accident. Shaista has four children and the youngest one was only 6 months old. She received no support from relatives, no one wanted to take responsibility or help them.

“It was all dark around me. I was numb and had no hope for a while.

How can a mother see her children without food? We saw hunger and hopelessness for many days. I couldn’t sleep for many nights and it was the most difficult time to step out for a housewife like me and look for an opportunity to earn.” Shaista said.

She decided to sell her earrings, the only asset she could save, and bought a basket along with a few fruits and vegetables to sell. She has to place her youngest child of 6 months in the basket and at times he would fall out and get hurt. She found shade under a tree near F-8 Markaz Islamabad, where passers-by could buy something from her. Sitting in an open space was not safe but she had no other choice.

One of the Inner Wheel Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan members started noticing her and she related, “She was in a bad shape, very scared and holding a small kid. She was sitting in an open space under a tree, trying to sell some stuff from her basket. It caught my immediate attention.”

The Club decided to help her. First, she was given a cart and plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and other stuff on a daily basis so she could earn with dignity to support her poor family. It was truly amazing for her and her children to have a more respectable way to continue her earning.

A few days back, the Club took another bigger step and collected a handsome amount to hire a small grocery shop near her home. It has proven to be greatly supportive for her to become self-reliant in a very respectable way. Now, she is earning in a secure space where she can look after her home, children, and husband as well.

Shaista is a brave lady and decided not to beg but to earn for her family. Inner Wheel’s efforts and dedication to support the cause of empowering women have made this possible and set an example for many who are going through such crises.

IWCIC is also providing medical assistance for her husband and free education for her school-going children.

I am grateful to IWCIC for showing me the light of hope and supporting me. It was a big challenge as a woman to earn with dignity but miracles happen with people by people. Now, I have more courage and support from many women from IWCIC who made it all possible for me,” said Shaista.

She has started living a better life and has a stable source of income to feed her children well. Inner Wheel Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan is determined to continue this journey of creating self-sustainability.

Transforming Generational Poverty into Sustainable Self-Reliance

Saba Haider