India Projects - September 2021

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No Spitting Drive towards better health & hygiene and the environment (District 315)

Inner Wheel Club of Banjara

District Chairman: Sunitha Vallam

President- Roma Gandhi

Secretary- Krishnaveni Singh

Date: 16th September 2021

The habit of spitting is one of the primary causes for the spread of communicable diseases.

Public nonchalance, a widespread culture of betel and tobacco chewing, and poor health laws are responsible for this menace. Educating, sensitising and disseminating information about the need to stop spitting are vital steps to raise awareness against spitting.

The Inner Wheel Club of Banjara President, Roma Gandhi participated in the No Spitting Drive organised by the Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills at Nampally Station today.

The intention was to raise awareness by putting up posters and speaking to people about the ill effects of spitting in public places.

IWC Banjara will be contributing ₹10,000/-for Dustbins and to promote environmental cleanliness for the benefit of the community.

New Hope, New Life (District 310)

Inner Wheel Club of Meerut Prabhat

President: Rekha Agarwal

District Chairman: Sonal Bhatia

Club Secretary: Rupali Garg

Date: 8th September 2021

    1. A talk session on healthy diet and daily routine diet was delivered by Dr Renu Agarwal, Professor in Esmile College.
    2. A trousseau was donated to a needy girl about to marry so that she can start her married life happily.

    Incubation and Stitching Centre (District 308)

    Inner Wheel Club of Ambala City

    District Chairman: Gurpreet Kaur

    President: Sukhwinder Kaur Virk

    Date: 15th September 2021

    An innovative project was carried out by the Inner Wheel Club of Ambala City. The Club buys old bedsheets at an auction by Indian Railways. These bedsheets are then dyed again using tie-n-dye technique. The newly dyed bedsheets are then sold in the market.

    In another great initiative undertaken by the Club, a Garment Construction Exibition was organised to display the beautiful creations of girls who are taught stitching by the Club. This exhibition is to promote women entrepreneurship.

    The Club also added three new sewing machines in the Training Centre costing Rs 10500/-

    Inner Wheel Branding (District 311)

    Inner Wheel Club of Bareilly South Glory
    President: Nutan Chaudhary
    District Chairman: Dr. Divya Lehri

    Date: 2nd September 2021

    The Club carried out several projects with Inner Wheel branding:

    • A workshop was organised for underprivileged girls to make paper bags
    • Distribution of hygiene kits to the needy
    • Solar panel
    • Tree planting including tree guard with IW Logo
    • Distribution of grow bags
    • Making of stools using Eco Bricks
    • Distribution of Earth Care Candies to Make India Green.
    • 16th Triennial Conference #ENVISION Selfie Counter Hoarding
    • Donated Bed Sheets to orphans
    • Organized a webinar and donated laptop to promote E-Learnig
    • Gifted handmade finger rings with IW Logo to spread the wings of Inner Wheel

    Next Generation President, Dr. Keerthana weds (District 323)

    Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Stars

    On 9th September, Keerthana, 26, one of the young budding Presidents of IWC Chennai Stars was married. She’s a physiotherapist by profession and a dedicated Inner Wheel member.

    District Chairman Kamala Selvam and other Presidents graced the occasion.

    Veena Swamy - National Editor