Commemorating Malaysia Day with D345

Posted by | Oct 01, 2021 |

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to make decisions and changes that place health and safety first. However, Inner Wheel Clubs are optimistic that each passing day brings hope and possibilities, and Clubs have been finding new ways to uphold IIW’s third objective, i.e., to foster international understanding. One such way was on 16 September 2021, when District International Service Organiser (DISO) Datin Pathma Ramanathan, and her team of effervescent ISOs, put together an international event to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the establishment of Malaysia in 1963.

The event was the Friendship Meet between ISOs of District 330 Malaysia and District 345 Bangladesh. In her opening address, DISO Datin Pathma thanked her ISOs, especially ISO from IWC KLCC, Vicky Changi, who was the Emcee, ISO of IWC Johor Bahru, Sheena Sreedhar, who organised the virtual tour of Malaysia and ISO of IWC Aor Setar, Patricia Rao, who hosted the zoom meeting.

Members from Clubs in District 330 who attended the event included IPDC Shanti Menon, representing the DC, IIW Past Board Director Datin Pearl Jai Mohan, ExCo members, Club Presidents and their members.

Datin Pathma then went on to warmly welcome the beautiful IW sisters from District 345, including their founder member, IIW Past Board Director Dilruba Ahmed, DC Angela Mendes, DISO Shafket Jahan and their Club ISOs and members.

For the benefit of the members from Bangladesh, Datin Pathma briefly explained that MALAYSIA DAY on 16 September is to commemorate the day Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined the then Malaya to form Malaysia on 16 Sept 1963. Although Singapore separated two years later to become a sovereign nation, Malaysia still rejoices this momentous day every year since then on 16 September.

Datin Pathma was delighted that despite the various constraints imposed by the pandemic, forging friendships were still possible virtually and she hopes that true Friendship and Fellowship, can be the inspiration to take Inner Wheel to greater heights.

Members of both Clubs then had the opportunity to listen to the words of welcome, motivation and appreciation from IPDC Shanti, Datin Pearl, and Madam Angela, culminating in the awe-inspiring speech by Madam Dilruba, who also virtually extended a huge bouquet of roses to District 330, to signal the forging of ties between the two Districts.

Following the speeches, members were entertained to a virtual tour of the fascinating places to visit in Malaysia and Bangladesh, which included a repertoire of delectable food as well as captivating cultural dances from both countries.

In closing, Madam Shafket extended a warm vote of thanks to District 330 for this wonderful opportunity to meet and hoped that the ties that have been forged will see both Districts collaborating in future projects virtually, and ultimately, when the pandemic ends, physical visits would become a reality.

It was truly an amazing event, one that will remain etched in the minds of all members from Districts 330 and 345.

Padmini Pillai