Pink First t-shirts at D211 Annual Meeting

Posted by | Sep 29, 2021 |

"Pink First” t-shirts at the District 211 Annual Meeting.

"Pink First", the Presidential Theme 2021-2022 chosen by the IIW President, Ebe Panitteri Martines, stands out on the t-shirts worn by participants of the first Assembly 2021-2022.

The t-shirts were donated by the Chairman of District 211 (Italy), Laura Leto Assennato. About 1,000 members District 211 will be wearing the t-shirt while carrying out service projects, as a show of support of Inner Wheel.

The IW women of Calabria and Sicily, with their positive energy, are ready to carry out new constructive actions and awareness campaigns on the major issues of Health, Education, Opportunities and Empowerment. Promoting women's rights will attest to their pride in belonging to the extraordinary International Inner Wheel organisation.

The National President, Ettorina Ottaviani, and the National Representative, Donatella Nicolich, also wore the "Pink First" t-shirt at the opening of the meeting.

Anna Muritano Briante