Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

Posted by | Sep 25, 2021 |

Sai Ananda Haemodialysis Centre, Malaysia is part of a non-profit organisation, the Sai Foundation, that undertakes education, medical, motivation, service and confidence building related activities on a voluntary basis for the less fortunate in society. The Dialysis Centre extends free dialysis for the hardcore poor and needy. Currently, there is a significant rise in cases of diabetes in Malaysia, and a corresponding increase in renal failure as well. Dialysis, being an expensive treatment, is more often than not beyond the reach of the underprivileged.

It came to the attention of Inner Wheel Club of Subang, Selangor (IWCSS) that the Haemodialysis Centre needs funding urgently. The Club decided to support this worthy cause, and much to the Club’s pleasant surprise, a generous supporter from outside the Club came forward.

Rani Mohan, Past President and Charter member had shared this noble cause with her family. Her son, Satish Raj, the founder of Elite Entrepreneurs (EE), together with his team from EE, a Business Consultancy Organisation, immediately contributed funds to IWCSS to support the Dialysis Centre.

Not long after that, EE organised a Charity Virtual Talent Show to raise more funds and once again, channelled the proceeds to IWCSS to support this Free Dialysis Centre.

It is extremely encouraging to note that EE, that comprises a number of young professionals from various fields of expertise, namely Business, Financial, Medical, IT, Engineering and other specialised areas, has conducted numerous virtual workshops and webinars to reduce the gloom and doom caused by this current global pandemic. Their mission statement is to assist in rebuilding and uplifting the community by imparting knowledge to increase their personal financial standing, especially in today’s competitive and challenging economy.

It is truly heartening to know that when awareness is raised on any pressing issue/s, a better understanding is created on the need to always lend a helping hand.

IWCSS extends its profound appreciation to Elite Entrepreneurs.

Shamala Dharan