India Projects - August 2021 (No2)

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Beauty Parlour in a village (District 301)

11 August 2021

Village Development Committee District 301

District Chairman: Mrs Anita Jain

Chairperson: PDC Manju Vaish, PDC Sita Agarwal, PDC Renu Gupta, PDC Madhu Nagpal

The Village Development Committee, under the leadership of District Chairman Mrs Anita Jain, inaugurated a beauty parlour and training centre on 11th August at the adopted village of Bhigan Sonipat. It was attended by Committee Chairperson PDC Renu Gupta , Committee Chairperson PP Madhulata Gupta ,PP Shashi Soni, PP Era Awasthi , IPP Nirupama Tuteja , Neetu Dhaiya and IPP Deepika Agarwal . A meaningful project for the development of the village.

Eco Brick (District 306)

District Chairman - SUSHMA AGARWAL




THEME -Earthcare

On 15th August, 600 eco bricks were used to make benches at rainbow foundation.

The bricks were made by the kids of rainbow foundation and members of Inner Wheel Club of Bhavnagar. The whole area was covered with bricks so that cleanliness can be maintained and a beautiful corner can be created for the foster kids staying at rainbow where they can spend their time playing and studying .

Amount spent was Rs31000/-

Beneficiaries - mother earth & kids of rainbow foundation

Project Pink (Distrct 325)

Inauguration of Pink E Auto (District 325)

Inner Wheel Club Of Patna

District Chairman: Poonam Thakur

Expenditure: 1lakh 75 thousand (sponsored by President Amrita Jha )

An E-Auto, pink in colour, was inaugurated on 19th August by Past Association Treasurer Dist CCCC Dr Neena Kumar and PDC Sarita Prasad sincere thanks to them.

The auto is used to market the products of the poor ladies who make papad, pickles, bari and tilauri. The auto will carry all these papad, pickle, bari, tilauri and will be parked for 4 hrs at Jalalpur City campus which consist of 400 flats to help the women sell their products .

The second purpose of this auto is to carry the cancer patients to the hospital, the ones who cannot afford an ambulance service can reach out to the auto and they will be given free transportation to the hospital.

The aim is to provide help to all those poor ladies and patients in need.

Menstrual Hygiene- District 323

Inner Wheel Club of Chennai United

District : 323

President : Sowmya Natarajan

Dist. Chairman : Kamala Selvam

On 23rd August, the Inner Wheel Club of Chennai distributed 55 menstrual hygiene kits at Rs 500 per kit made by Real Relief (Denmark). The kits were donated to Mariyalaya, a shelter that rescues trafficked and abused girl children in North Madras.

This is in collaboration with Sanitation First India (which has so far worked with 20,000 beneficiaries in this space) and unique aspects of this kit are are:

  • This kit is voted among the top 10 medical innovation products applauded by WHO and UNICEF
  • Antimicrobial super towel that is reusable for a year even without water thus enabling sanitation even in areas of water scarcity
  • 2 sets of 2 reusable pads with the same anti microbial coating that will last for a period of 4 years (2 years per set).
  • Reusable pads need only water to cleanse and reuse. No soap is required. Therefore it comes in handy for even remote areas without basic facilities
  • 2 reusable cloth masks
  • A regular sanitary napkin made with plastic takes 400 years to decompose finally.

Today 55 young adults signed up consciously and willingly to use these reusable pads after understanding the negative impact of commercial sanitary pads.

55 children sang and interacted with Inner Wheel members and shared their ambitions and told us they looked forward to seeing us in 3 months to share the experience of switching to a hygienic, earth friendly option

This programme was significant because a bunch of adorable yet neglected children shared their life aspirations and shed their inhibitions on the topic of menstruation and chose earth friendly over plastic

Cost Rs 27500

Beneficiaries 55

Bags And Umbrellas (District 318)


Inner Wheel Club of MOODBIDRI

CHAIRMAN : Pushpa Gururaj

Club President : Sahana Nagaraj

On 28th August, the Inner Wheel Club of Moodbidiri donated customized school bags and umbrellas with the Club name and Inner Wheel theme logo, to the students of Govenment lower primary school, Mariyadi, ( MOODBIDRI Taluk, Dakshina Kannada Dist, Karnataka)

No of Beneficiaries: 20

Cost of Project: Rs10,400

In the name of knowledge (District 317)

Inner Wheel Club of Sirsi Heritage

District Chairman- Mrs. Ratna Behere

Club President-Shwetha Prabhu

Club Secretary-Rekha Anant

Amount Spent - Rs78.800

Number of Beneficiaries- 1,576

On 17th August, Inner Wheel of Sirsi Heritage donated Rs78,880 towards Rotary Seva Pratishthana in a joint literacy project.

Mrs. Veena Swamy