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Posted by | Sep 17, 2021 |

Webinar on coping with Depression.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, standard operating procedures like physical distancing, isolation and lockdowns are making it more difficult for people, especially women, to cope with depression. But not all is lost, said Dr. Tesini Paramannantha Veloo, a psychiatrist from a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. The Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar (IWCAS) has invited Dr Tesini to deliver a timely webinar entitled, SUFFERING IN SILENCE: COPING WITH DEPRESSION on 27 August 2021.

Depression can be very debilitating, draining one’s energy and hopes, and often making it difficult to take that first small step towards recovery. When one feels depressed, the tendency is to withdraw, isolate and keep away from even close family members and friends.

Dr. Tesini shared startling statistics that globally, 322 million people suffer from depression, and went on to explain its multiple causes. Taking the first step may be the hardest. Relaxing, going for a walk, reaching out for help, listening to music, etc., and practicing these simple but positive steps day by day, can lift the dense fog of depression which people can find themselves in.

Dr. Tesini said that depression, though invariably a misunderstood condition, can be treated. What is important is the affected person reaches out to seek help. A good listener, who is not judgemental, is always important and talking one’s woes out can play a big role in relieving depression. There are support groups that people can join and also various associations that can be contacted for help.

Dr. Tesini said that if people feel depressed, they need to do things that relax and energise them. She shared practical exercises to carry out on a daily basis, including several relaxation techniques. This may not lift depression immediately, but it will ultimately make people feel more upbeat and energetic. Then, continued Dr. Tesini, getting out of bed every day will not be a daunting task. Once people with depression identify the destructive thought patterns that are causing the symptoms, and deal positively with it, they can be well on their way to getting attuned to a more balanced perspective of life.

IWC AS thanks Dr. Tesini for the extremely valuable insights into coping with depression, a condition that has affected millions around the world. More timely and appropriate webinars will be organised from time to time, and IWC AS hopes to be playing its part in empowering women and encouraging them to take care of their health, which are vital ingredients in building STRONG WOMEN STRONGER WORLD.

Shantha Pillai