Project Of Clean Water For Students

Posted by | Sep 12, 2021 |

It was a great day for the Inner Wheel Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan. Two projects on the same day were executed.

The first one was a water boring project in Jagut village near Islamabad. In this area, women have to go far to collect clean water. It was a big relief for them to have such a facility near their homes. The opening was by the District Chairman, Ayesha Amir. More than 80 female students of the local school were also beneficiaries of this water bore facility along with other residents in the vicinity. In addition, food packets were distributed.

The second project to make the environment safe was also carried out at the same place. Trees were planted with the help of villagers. All the female students of the local school also took special interest.

District Chairman Ayesha Amir and District Treasurer Shazia Manzar, along with President Farah Farrukh and team members, were present at the occasion.

Saba Haider