COVID-19 Pamphlets and Home Care Tips

Posted by | Sep 07, 2021 |

Distribution of COVID-19 Pamphlets AS Home Care Tips at Barangay Lipay, San Gabriel, La Union. 

It has been more than a year now and COVID-19 is still unbeaten. The number of infected individuals is getting higher and higher. The Inner Wheel Club National Treasurer Jeisela Gaerlan from IWCSFLU, who is also a doctor, personally created a pamphlet about Home Care Tips on COVID-19 and encouraged the club to reproduce and distribute it to different barangays.

In starting the Anti-COVID Drive, President Julie Lim and IWCSFLU members distributed copies to 34 mothers of Barangay Lipay, San Gabriel, La Union during the Herbal Homemade Manufacturing Seminar.

The pamphlet listed symptoms of asymptomatic and symptomatic virus carriers and when to consult your doctor.

The pamphlet also listed the things to do when you are exposed to a COVID-positive person and what to do during quarantine. Home Kits such as masks, face shields, disinfectants, thermometer and medicines for cough and colds are also listed on the pamphlet.

The Inner Wheel Club of San Fernando, La Union believe that prevention starts in our homes. We hope that through the End-COVID-19 Campaign, we could beat this virus.

Julie Lim