Prosthetic Limbs to Stand Tall Again

Posted by | Sep 06, 2021 |

Prosthetic Limbs help people to Stand Tall Again.

The loss of limbs can result in anguish, sadness and loss of self-esteem. IWC Ghaziabad North through the Jeevan Asha Hospital, organised a project "Aashayein" to provide prosthetic limbs to amputees.

The presentation was graced by District Chairman Mrs. Anita Jain. 6 artificial limbs (below knee) and one artificial leg (from hip to foot) were donated.

The beneficiaries who got these prosthetics were so emotional and said they felt that they were alive again. They can now stand tall and face the strongest of winds, spreading their wings of faith and hope, and become economically independent to support their family. Their gratitude welled up in tears and there was not an eye that was not wet. Wearing the prosthesis and standing upright for the first few times was a very emotional experience, which reminded the survivors that the world is designed for people who walk upright.

It was heart-warming to see these limb loss survivors perform an emotional skit and a dance performance. Everyone gave them a standing ovation. District Chairman, Mrs. Anita Jain congratulated Club Past President Ms. Sugandha Bharti on whose birthday this project was initiated.

Atul, 27 years old who received a below-knee prosthetic and Bharat Sharma, 26 years old, who received a hip to foot prosthetic were asked about how they felt.

“The journey of life with limb loss is always changing, requires immense adaptability and can be one of the biggest challenges one will ever encounter. And now with the prosthetics, it’s like describing how it feels to taste ice cream to a person without a tongue. It is going to take to time to adapt to this, but this is life changing.”

We were hope that with this will be a new chapter in their life.

100 neem, peepal and fruit trees were also planted in the premises of Hospital.

Beneficiaries - 7

Amount Spent - Rs.1,71,850

Date - 30th July, 2021

Inner Wheel Club of Ghaziabad North, IW District 301

District Chairman - Mrs. Anita Jain

Club President – PAS Sangeeta Bharti