Donation Of 3rd Eye Veterinary PEMF Device

Posted by | Sep 06, 2021 |

Inner Wheel District 319 takes immense pride in presenting a unique joint project conducted by a few Inner Wheel Clubs of the District, led by the young and dynamic District Chairman Mrs. Veena Niranajan.

Four Inner Wheel Clubs of Inner Wheel District 319: Bangalore Blossoms, Bangalore Banashankari, Bangalore Vijayanagar, and Mandya jointly donated a PEMF device (manufactured by 3rd Eye Veterinary) to ‘Chaitra Goshaala(Chaitra Cow Shelter Home) in Mandya, Karnataka, India on 17th August 2021.

Fodder for the shelter was sponsored by two clubs, the Inner Wheel Clubs of Bangalore Banashankari and Bangalore South. The Chairman and Presidents set out early in the morning to reach the Goshaala for the project. They also spent ample time with the volunteers and observed the activities at the centre.

The cost of the equipment was Rs 107,000, of which Rs 53,040 is borne by the clubs and rest was sponsored by others. Rs 8,000 was for fodder from the two clubs. The total contribution was Rs 115,000.

Members were given an informative tour by Mr Ram Vyas, a volunteer with Dhyan Foundation at Chaitra Goshaala. They work towards rescuing and providing shelter and rehabilitation of cows. In Karnataka, they have two Cow Shelter Homes and across India they have 50,000 and more cattle in 40 Shelter Homes. They have one in Mandya and another in Gubbi Karnataka.

The Chaitra Goshaala at Mandya has a total of 1,300 cows which are rehabilitated. Out of these, 300 cows are orphaned cows, i.e., cows sent for slaughter and rescued, injured cows abandoned male calves and bulls. Ample fodder is provided to the cows two times a day. The cows are segregated age-wise into older ones, younger ones and calves. Older ones are provided nutritional feed mix. The younger calves are provided 350 litres milk on a day-to-day basis which is purchased from outside. There is a paramedic doctor 24/7. The pains and injuries of the cattle is also addressed as it decreases stress levels enhancing milk production, survival rate and immunity. There are gadgets available for the same.

The Core Concept – Gift a mother to a calf

The orphaned calves survive on external feed which is bought from the market. This feed being a mix of various types of milk is deficient in colostrum. This affects the digestive system leading to low immunity. Thus, survival rate of the calves is a challenge. The above concept of gifting a mother helps as the mother will not only feed their own but also feed the other one or two calves. Thus, improving the strength, immunity and survival of the cow.

The Donation of the PEMF Device by Inner Wheel clubs along with donating fodder is a wonderful gesture. The way they see it is when cows are having injuries, muscle pain and pregnancy pain, it soothes and helps in speedy recovery. This in turn, gives comfort and the overall health improves. This has several individual benefits to the cows and aids in milk production, which helps younger calves. This is a cyclic chain for maintaining health and sustainability.

The PEMF Device is an electromagnetic device invented by PEPL Company, manufactured by 3rd EYE. It is a novel physiotherapy device that treats wounds, fractures and paraplegia offering drugless and painless treatment for the animal.

Mrs. Veena Swamy