Face of Reality with Jabalpur Midtown

Posted by | Sep 04, 2021 |


The face of a woman is a very important part of her personality and her confidence. This is the story of Geeta Naidu, wife of a daily wage labourer, who has been hiding her face from her own children and husband since last year. A year ago, she would receive compliments that she looked so beautiful and even her own children are afraid to see their mother's face at night. You can only imagine how it would feel.

A year ago, Geeta Naidu had an accident resulting in her face being severely burnt. She has approached many government offices and various NGOs for help but their only response were words of sympathy.

By chance, the Inner Wheel Club of Jabalpur Midtown Next met her when they were distributing food during one of their COVID-19 relief camps. Upon hearing her story, they took her to doctors, plastic surgeons, eye and ENT specialists. There were tears of hope after numerous investigations, scans and multiple visits to the doctor,

The first corrective surgery is for her upper eyelid which has fused to her burnt skin. She is unable to blink with that eye. While sleeping, her eye will be open.

An estimate of seven lacs in Indian rupees (₹7 lacs) has been collected. Multiple surgeries would be required and there may be some other surgeries too, depending on the outcome of each. It is not in the hand of a single club to arrange such a big amount, and an appeal was sent to District Chairman Mrs Manisha Srivastava who then made it a District Project. She has even asked her friends from other districts to help. We have approached Milaap, a fundraising platform to the raise funds. To ensure that Geeta’s hope in humanity will not be shattered, we all stand united as noble sisters to fulfill her dream to return to her normal life and live with dignity. A life where she will not have to hide her face from her own children and husband.

Inner Wheel Club of Jabalpur Midtown Next

Club President - Dr Seema Mehrotra

Club Secretary Dr Aboli Panse

District Chairman Dist. 326 - Mrs Manisha Srivastava.