Donate through Reading in Bulgaria

Posted by | Sep 01, 2021 |

Donate while reading

This unique project “Donate while reading” is the initiative of the Inner Wheel Club Shumen (District 248). Students register on a website in their respective age groups. A student then reads and takes at least one test for each book on a list, winning credit points in the process. The student then selects a cause/charity listed on the website to award their credit points to.

In this way, reading improves us and can inspire us to help those in need. The students who read had made it possible for the Inner Wheel Club Stara Zagora-Beroe to donate three multifunctional printers to PR Slaveikov, a secondary-primary school in Stara Zagora.

The credit points donated was worth BGN 800. It fulfilled the cause “Let’s Read More And Look At The World With New Eyes”. Members of IWC Stara Zagora-Beroe thank all the students who read for their hard work and kindness by taking part in the project.

“Let’s Read More And Look At The World With New Eyes” is a desire by the young students from the Stara Zagor School to increase the interest of their peers and the older students to read more and rediscover their love for books. They will organise quizzes, reading competitions, celebrations of Bulgarian and foreign authors, as well as dramatisations of favourite books. The multifunctional printers will be used to print the materials needed for their cause. Of the 800 credits donated for the cause, 520 came from the young students of the Secondary School and the remaining 280 credits were donated by two participants from Sofia.

Zdravka Yordanova