Aid for the Firefighters in Turkey

Posted by | Aug 24, 2021 |

Aid for the Firefighters in Turkey

On 28th of July 2021 a total of 270 wildfires have started in 53 provinces across Turkey. While 269 of these fires have been controlled 3 wildfires were still ravaging different areas after 15 days. The fires have adversely affected forests and residential areas; thus, several neighborhoods and villages have been evacuated.

Nine people have lost their lives and many animals have been perished midst the fires. Mostly red pines are burned in a total area of 160,000 hectares and hundreds of people have been left homeless.

Inner Wheel Club of İzmir, District 244, immediately sent a parcel of materials such as gloves, masks, head lamps, glasses, batteries, Aid garments that are needed by the firefighters and the locals who help them in the fire region.

All clubs of District 244 are planning aids to help the victims and donations to the forests foundations to revive the perished forests.

Gülgün Dolunay