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Posted by | Aug 23, 2021 |

Germany towards 2024 centennial of Inner Wheel: “No child should be lost”

Inner Wheel Germany sets an example and launches a unique programme in aid of traumatised and neglected young and adolescent children. In the next three years towards the 2024 centennial of Inner Wheel, this programme, “No child should be lost”, will be carried out jointly with the cooperation of Kinderlachen e.V.

The German Inner Wheel Clubs, in association with Kinderlachen e.V., are taking this as an opportunity to support and promote awareness of traumatised young and adolescent children in homes for children over the next 3 years with donations and charity events.

A successful start

The first two "lighthouse projects” are a pedagogical-therapeutic youth welfare facility in Offenburg and a private children's home with youth psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services for the recovery of traumatised children in Asendorf, near Bremen.

Both were provided with sports and play equipment: a swing combination at the outdoor area for the very young children at Bremen, and sports equipment in a fitness room for young people at Offenburg.

What happens next?

More homes for children will receive aid as soon as sufficient donations have been collected again. The aim is to define a lighthouse project in each Inner Wheel district in the first phase.

That help is urgently needed in a timely manner is shown, not least, by the report of the Abuse Commissioner of the Federal Government, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig. The Press Release on 26 May 2021 by the Federal Criminal Police Office, states "the numbers of child victims of violence and the sharp increase in abuse against minors have deeply shocked the public. Sexual violence is everywhere and usually takes place where no one would suspect it—very close, in families, in the neighbourhood, in sports clubs and on the Internet."

During the pandemic, the situation has worsened and the need is critical.

Roswitha Wenzl (Editor Inner Wheel Germany)