Service “AID for weak people”

Posted by | Jun 30, 2021 |

The District Chairman, Mariangela Galante Pace, the CED and all Members of District 210 Italy, approved the service ‘AID for weak people’ in the second Assembly of the social year 2020-21, financed with the cost savings resulting from the Pandemic, since all District events had been by virtually mode.

In practice, the service consists into five contributions for different areas in the District, for a total of € 18.600,00 for the benefit of:

  • Non-profit Organization operating at the Paediatric Oncology Department of the Vito Fazzi Hospital in Lecce, to help make a trip to Gardaland for sick children.
  • Paediatric Oncology Department Hospital SS. Annunziata of Taranto: supply of probe and printer for portable ultrasound
  • Vanvitelli University of Caserta Eye Clinic; help for research in the field of hereditary retinal dystrophy.
  • Neuropsychiatry Department Federico II University of Naples: contribution for the preparation of a space for recreational and training activities, for the cognitive, functional and social recovery of psychiatric patients.
  • Foundation for Autism Spectrum Disorders, of Basilicata through the implementation of the "Aut of School" project, which involves the purchase of toys to encourage interaction and sharing of spaces.

Anna Somma - District Editor