20 years of service - IW Club Stara Zagora

Posted by | Jun 25, 2021 |

On June 12th, IW Club Stara Zagora marked 20 years from its charter ceremony. Twenty years of emotions, challenges, work and realised projects, daring, joy, appreciation and gratitude. We made the inner wheel move successfully in good balance.

In the year of its 20 anniversary IW Club Stara Zagora learned the good news, that the honored member of the club Mrs. Maria Zhekova was rewarded with the Margarette Golding Award in recognition of her donation of a three-story hotel building for Cultural Centre for Gifted children with concert halls, courses for acting, singing and crafts. On the day of their celebration, the Chairman of the District Mrs. Mariana Petrakieva bestowed the prize on Mrs. Maria Zhekova. A worthy woman from the town of Stara Zagora received well deserved recognition for her generosity and the club proudly glorifies the name of the wonderful organization Inner Wheel.

Inner Wheel Club Stara Zagora took responsibility and attention to the goals and objectives set for the year by the President of IIW Dr. Bina Vias, one of which was the development and expansion of clubs with new members. On this day, June 12th, the club welcomed five new ladies as members, who had the honor to receive their membership badges from Chairman Mariana Petrakieva.

Giving away free time and energy the ladies from the club have built and are still building their future and the future of their city with the awareness that life is wonderful when you are happy, but it is even better when others are happy thanks to you.

It is wonderful to have what to give others even after 20 years.

Lora Yankova