Sessile oaks for the Rheingau

Posted by | Jun 24, 2021 |

"1 Million Trees", the joint project of Rotary and Rotaract, also motivated some club friends, and so last year's presidential budget went into this well-prepared hands-on action in the Greiferwald in the Rheingau.

It gave us great pleasure to plant numerous three-year-old sessile oaks - of course, corona-compliant with distance, mask and comprehensive hygiene concept.

We were joined by a forestry officer from Hessen Forst, from whom we learned interesting facts about the situation of the forest and its future conservation measures in the face of changing environmental conditions. The maintenance of the forest has become an extensive task! However, the sessile oak tree species we chose is more resistant to dryness than the Norway spruce plantation that had to be felled in the designated area. 

In order to protect the seedlings from browsing, the newly planted area was fenced off - in the hope that as many of the tender little plants as possible will grow into stately sessile oaks.

Viktoria Steiner