Cheque presentation to MMHA in Malaysia

Posted by | Jun 22, 2021 |

The President, Mrs Caylice Sabado of the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur from District 330, invited both Senior Vice President, Mr See, of Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) and their Executive Director, Ms Cheong Sue Jen to attend the Club’s 11th General Meeting on 3rd June, 2021.

During the meeting at the witness of 35 members present that afternoon, President Caylice presented a cheque of RM5,000 to MMHA and it was received by the representatives of Home.

Mr See also took the opportunity to thank the President and the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur for their continuous support towards MMHA through the years. This was the Club’s first virtual cheque presentation that was done with full professionalism.

Congratulations to the Club for yet another project completed during the unprecedented time like this, nothing can stop the Inner Wheel Spirit!

Together the Club can “Lead the Change”!

Mrs Ivy Ho