Recent Projects by IW Clubs in India

Posted by | Jun 11, 2021 |

Inner Wheel Club of Lucknow, District 312

Mask Vending Machine at New OPD of a Government Hospital, Lucknow.

Inner Wheel Club of Lakhimpur Navdisha, District 312

Donated a Body storage Ice box at local Mortuary.

Inner Wheel Club of Moradabad Essence, District 310

Started an Oxygen Bank to the needy patients.

Inner Wheel Club of Ajmer, District 305

Has sponsored a percolation project on the foothills of Aravali, from the location to the final execution all club members were involved.


1. Conserve water

2. Controls Soil erosion

3. Supports wild life

4. Increases water table

5. Will increase greenery

Costs: 1140 pounds

Beneficiaries: Many (including citizens of Ajmer and wildlife).

President: Mrs Renu Bansal, Secretary: Mrs Jyotika Gupta - 1 month after completion and the tank is already filled with water.

Inner Wheel Club of Jaipur Main, Dist 305

Has donated 5 Concentrators and 1 BIPAP machine.

Total Cost of the project: 5400 pounds

President: Swarn Modi, Secretary: Mitu Kedia

Inner Wheel Club of Fazilka, District 309

Has donated basic medicines needed for COVID to a Centre.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat - National Editor