Raising Money for the IIW Vaccine Appeal

Posted by | Jun 10, 2021 |

How we have raised £175 for the International Vaccine Appeal

We wanted to show our thankfulness for a National Health Service that invited us for vaccinations and delivered them locally and free of charge; we were aware that other countries are not so lucky. It's what we might call "Vaccine Gratitude", the recognition of big personal money savings during lockdown and how they could be used productively.

We also noted that we had saved quite a bit of money over the Covid months, with all the events we were not attending and all the travelling we were not doing. In particular, when we meet we have a meal together, so our evenings cost us on average £13 or so. We decided to 'donate' one missed evening to the International Vaccination Appeal, and we rounded the sum up to £15 each. Members contributed that sum, or thereabouts.

At a time when social fundraisers of the usual kind couldn't happen, this was a painless way of giving, and we are glad if our little club (maybe the smallest in England?) can make a bit of a difference.

Viola Jones

Inner Wheel Club of Ipswich Orwell