IW and RI work together in Mallorca

Posted by | May 05, 2021 |

It all started in October 2020 when I came from a Board meeting from the Eurotel in Costa de los Pinos, Mallorca, when I was invited by some lady friends, sitting on a restaurant terrace, to come to the next Rotary Club East Mallorca International meeting, a club newly being formed.

“You can speak English and can make yourself be understood in Spanish plus you are a member of an Inner Wheel Club, just the right combination we need!”.

I was pleasantly surprised and agreed and soon learnt that in the various communities covered by the Rotary Club East Mallorca International, there were now hundreds of people without work. The communities helped with the rents, but for food there was no money left, which brought poverty to people that had never expected this.

The Danish lady, Rotarian Llone Kjaer, told me about Isabel Nebot of Son Servera, with whom she had been working up to now to help people in distress. This is the town where I had inherited my mother’s last house. Isabel Nebot! Naturally! I knew her: she was the Mother Theresa of our town. Born 1946 in a land under dictatorship and extreme poverty, she learnt early from her father how important it is to share, even the little one has, with other people. Having lost her mother during childhood, she lived with her father until his death in 2007. She then gave up her little shop for underwear and all sorts of needlework and started the charitable association: “Son Servera Solidari” after having seen the poverty in Honduras, when she helped in a nursery of the Sisters of Charity. Back home, she opened a second-hand shop in the Parish Hall of the church San Juan and the money collected was used for help in South America and Africa, but also for locals in need. Who would have thought that after the last prosperous decades, famine would turn back in such strong force to Mallorca, depending so much on tourism! This situation could no longer be handled alone, and she gladly accepted the help of Rotary. She was generously offered the use of the basement of two houses in the town by locals and now uses one for the distribution of food-trays every second Wednesday and the other is opening now with lots of furniture and household-goods received from locals as a second-hand shop. As I am an elderly person, I helped with clothes and money for two extra bookcases to store food-items brought by the locals and spending lots of nappies for the very young. At present there are 119 people depending on us and every two weeks there are more.

In the meantime, the Club has been certified as belonging to Rotary International, and I have become a member and chairwoman of the Foundation. But I would never give up my membership of the Inner Wheel Club of Zug, which I helped to found in 1999.

Beatrice Frigo