Yaounde Cameroon D915 Water Project

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Project For The Construction Of A Productive Water Borehole Equipped With A Hand Operated Pump At Louh Tougwe Secondary Education College (Bamena Village, West Cameroon)

The problem of access to water in Cameroon arises mainly in terms of the quality and proximity of the resource and, more rarely, in terms of quantity. An even more alarming situation in a global context marked by COVID-19 and where one of the barrier measures is "hand washing". Some areas are suffering, among other things, from a dilapidated water supply, insufficient drinking water supply points and questionable water consumption. A situation experienced by the Bamena group located in the western region of Cameroon, in the Bagangté district, Ndé department. The Bamena village has a young population with a slight predominance of women and is made up of 06 neighborhoods. As a water supply system, the group has a few boreholes and good fountains, some of which are non-functional. The first to suffer the consequences of this lack of water points are schools and health centers. Indeed, the Secondary Education College (SEC), target of this project, has no functional water point. Faced with this situation, this project is designed to provide CES students with a functional water point.

Presentation of Project

Louh Tougwe Secondary Education College has 105 students including 63 girls and 42 boys and 10 administrative staff and teachers including 02 women and 08 men. The SEC is located in the Louh district and at the entrance to Bamena, nearby there is the Louh Tougwe public school (50 m from the CES), an integrated health center (150 m from the SEC) and no point drinking water. The CES students use water - of questionable quality - from a small spring located in a shallow 250 m from the CES. This project aims to improve the water situation in the Louh Tougwe SEC by constructing a borehole equipped with a Human Motricity Pump (HMP). A solution that takes into account the fact that the Bamena village is marked by the passage of two rivers, which have a significant flow in the rainy season, and with abundant rainfall due to the equatorial climate, water is available in large quantities in groundwater.

Objective of the Project

The main objective of this project is to improve access to drinking water at the Louh Tougwe SEC by the construction of a borehole equipped with a hand pump. It is precisely about:

  • drill a productive borehole next to the Louh Tougwe SEC and install a human powered water pump for access to quality and quantity of water;
  • set up a water point management committee made up of parents of pupils, among others of the SEC and the beneficiary students, in order to ensure the sustainable operation of the water service;- and educate parents of SEC students on measures to fight Covid-19, on hygiene and health related to the use of water.

Project budget

The implementation of the project in its various components requires the mobilization of financing important and participation of the beneficiary students.

The cost of carrying out project activities is of 5,000,000 Fcfa or 9111.50 US dollars and is detailed in the following table:





Provision of personnel and equipment




Hydrogeological and geophysical prospecting




Carrying out the drilling and testing




Construction and installation




Water analysis




Establishment of management committee



Total Amount (GBP 6,600)



Location of the village of Bamena on the map of Cameroon

Louh Tougwe Secondary Education College

Water point located 250 m outside the CES limits in the shallows, where CES students often take water

Adele Tchakountio