Christmas fund-raising by IW Torino

Posted by | Feb 19, 2021 |

This year members of Inner Wheel Club of Torino (D204 Italy) were very busy wrapping up traditional Italian Christmas cakes (called “panettoni”) in colourful authentic Indian sari cloth.

The fund-raising project developed from Titti’s idea, whose daughter lives and works in India.

1500 panettoni, which looked marvellous in their glittering decorations, were easily sold.

The money collected was then used to support the Popular School of Music and Choir attended by children and youth who live in a needy quarter of the town.

Actually the initiative started last year and is meant to continue in the future with the contribution of the other four Inner Wheel Clubs present in the same town.

The project is meant to offer poor children and youth cultural growth and educational empowerment.

The Inner Wheel Clubs support the school expenses and fees in order to give children, from low social background and with little economic possibilities, the chance to learn how to play a musical instrument and to sing.

Last December the Teachers and Choir Director performed a nice concert of all the students and, because of the Covid restrictions, they sent the Clubs a video of the show to say thanks.

It was a great joy to listen to those children’s pure clear voices and to look at them playing music with great passion and talent.

Barbara Melella Chiosso - Immediate Past District Chairman