Various Environmental Projects in India

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Inner Wheel Club Tumkur East, District 319

Past President Sharmila Ravindranath from Inner Wheel Club of Tumkur East donated 10 computers to an organization which is for Blind Students & managed by the Blind Students themselves. They run hostel for blind students where computers will be given to students for educational purposes .They got it with attachment of Braille for their usage.

Inner Wheel Forest & Inner Wheel Club of Solan Midtown, District 308

The Club took permission from Forest Department & adopted 2 Hectares of Land near a Heritage Temple. They restored the damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down.

The members installed Inner wheel board on which some inspiring slogans written regarding ENVIORNMENT.

The garbage was cleaned,Fences were repaired & painted; Dustbins were installed.

They also Planted medicated plants.

Inner Wheel Forest District 323

Miyawaki Forest planted by IWC Madras IWD 323

Area of plantation : 3000 Sq. Ft

No. of trees : 850

Cost of Project: About 7000 US Dollars including maintenance for 1 year.

Rain Water Harvesting Project – Inner Wheel D323

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable process of accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse rather than allowing it to runoff that helps to preserve water for future needs. In today's scenario of acute water scarcity, it is a good way to conserve water.

Many clubs of Inner Wheel District 323 have taken up rain water harvesting as the major project in identified corporation schools with due permission from corporation based on reports from appointed Nodal agencies. Many new rain water harvesting wells have been constructed.

Rain water harvesting work is completed in 30 schools and 65 rain water harvesting wells commissioned till date.

Inner Wheel Club of Ratlam Gold, District 304

A very innovative Vertical garden project was done by the members The concept of Vertical Garden in a busy area of the road. This garden was prepared with 350 plants and pots. Vertical garden reduces the noise pollution, air pollution and provide oxygen in heavy traffic area. It is a effective project as many plants were occupied in less area.

Inner Wheel Club of Astha, District 304

The members bore the expenses of the construction of Rain Water Harvesting system.

Inner Wheel Club of Tumkur, District 319

Members planted 100 saplings near Mallasandra lake, Tumkur and contributed towards greener environment.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat, National Editor