Project Peepal Tree - IW Forest In India

Posted by | Feb 04, 2021 |

A forest revival project by District 317 under leadership of District Chairman Dr.Jyoti Patil.


To raise a forest on the barren jungle land damaged due to human interference and natural wear and tear.

Aiming to revive the natural Eco- system with biodiversity, oxygen rich area and carbon sequestration.

A permanent project for branding (about 1,000 people come for walking and trekking in the area) and caring for the environment.


After survey, Planned trenching in proper contours for water retention is done, which will help raising the trees as well as the ground water level. Over 650 indigenous species of trees in an area of 9 acres are planted taking benefit of the monsoon season. A water tank is soon to be made on site for sourcing water in summers.

The place

The site is near village Nimshirgao in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra.


The total cost of the project is about 5000 pounds.

Maintenance of the trees until they are self-sufficient will be done by Inner Wheel District 317 with the help of village youth on paid basis.

Project Convenor - PDC Radhikatai Shirgaokar

Project Head - District Editor Vasundhara Kole